Style No.900 Early(w/Rustproof Buckle)

Ace Western Belts

Style No.900 Early(w/Rustproof Buckle)

Another handsome ACE WESTERN BELTS.
Made of top grain bridle cowhide, 1-3/4 inches wide, 1/8 inches thickness. With attractive floral and the serpentine pattern from tip to tip.
This buckle is iron, like vintage. Beautifully designed and engraved as shown, and looks like it is handmade. Rustproof baked lacquer finish.

■Belt Design:floral and the serpentine / Top Grain Bridle, MADE IN USA
■Buckle:ACE's original iron【鉄製ラッカーコート】

Reproduction of Miller Stockman No.861 FLOWER STAMPED
This belt is very nice reproduction of Americana of the Western golden age.
The embossing design of eggplant flower and snake(serpentine) which is the feature of the early 1930’s.
Original belt appeared in the early 1930’s and played an active part as a main part of various western belts.

Miller Stockman No.861 FLOWER STAMPEDのリプロダクションです。


28 inch ・・・ 71 cm
30 inch ・・・ 76 cm
32 inch ・・・ 81 cm
34 inch ・・・ 86 cm
36 inch ・・・ 91 cm